Leaena Main Coon Cattery - Kittens

My name is Elena Vignato and my love for the Maine Coon began in 2007.
I was looking for an animal to keep me company while I was at university and I was enchanted by this breed.
The size of these cats together with their wild look took my breath away. When I brought home the first puppy, I realized that their indisputable beauty is only the tip of the iceberg of what is a Maine Coon. Their ability to empathize with people is incredible.❤️

They are the perfect fusion between the positive aspects of a dog and a cat. Love for them was instantaneous and that’s how my breeding was born. Over the years, my objective as a breeder has become increasingly clear: the preservation of this breed.



Mine is an ethical catttery, where the wellbeing of the cat is placed above everything else. My goal is to preserve the wild look and size without neglecting health and temperament. For this reason I have only few subjects, I never have too many kittens together so that everyone can have the right time and the right attention to grow mentally balanced.

From a veterinary point of view I perform periodic screening for all the typical breed pathologies and for the most common feline diseases. The kittens are born and grow up between my bedroom and my studio, so they are really sociable, used to human contact, to be in arms and to interact with people.


Currently available kittens:

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